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Groupon saves the weekend

I’ve got to say, I was not so excited about the long weekend when I woke up this morning. Don’t get me wrong, I celebrate the fact that our country had such an influential man (and don’t get me started on his speaking!), but a three day weekend right after winter break? There’s only so long that the kids revel in their new toy high before it’s back to bickering and boredom.

There’s been a lot of complaints from the moms and dads in the office about not knowing what to do with their kids for the long weekend too. Can you blame them? Aside from spending a lot of money (which we hate!) or taking them to their Saturday dental appointments here at the office, what are they supposed to do?

Groupon is what they’re supposed to do.


For those of you that don’t know what Groupon is…shame on yourselves! Okay, just kidding. Groupon is a site that you buy a sort of voucher on. The vouchers change all the time and can be for anything (that’s right, anything). The vouchers are always discounted from what it would normally cost (which we love). When you’re ready to cash in on your “Groupon,” you simply print a confirmation number off and enjoy.

The weekend blues disappeared when I flipped to our city’s Groupon and did a jaw-drop at how many deals there were for this weekend! They really planned ahead this time. We have kayaking, a makeover party for up to eight girls, a manatee snorkel tour, horseback riding, guitar lessons (for a year!), paintball, a Mardi Gras crawl, food and more!  The best part? They’re all $150 or less! (The party is the most expensive deal. The others are all under $40 and often work for multiple people.)

I’m happy to say my weekends not so gloomy anymore. So don’t worry anymore guys, the kids can have fun, your wallet won’t threatening to cry and (if any of you have a great husband, friend or family member around like me) you can cash in on one of the many spa, hair or nail Groupons for yourself.

What are your plans for the holiday weekend?


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